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What's the difference?

With v2 we wanted to offer much more than just tournaments, and ladders. As we progressed, ideas began flowing and the end result were 3 different ladder systems free play ladders, leagues, and wager ladders. Each are in place to satisfy the needs of the community from players who enjoy competing for fun to players wanting to compete for cash and prizes. The current systems are only a fraction of our plans, expect much more in the near future.

Below is a quick breakdown of each system.

Free Play Ladders allow teams to compete against each other for site xp and bragging rights.

Leagues are in place for teams to compete against each other for cash and prizes. League prizes will vary from league to league. All league participants require a premium memberships in order to be eligible for play. League durations will vary, the average league will last 2-3 months. At the end of the league there will be a single or double elimination playoff tournament to decide the first, second and third place winners of the league.

Wager Ladders allow teams to wager or place monetary bets for each match that is played. Instead of charging 10% per match like other sites, we decided to keep things at a flat rate of $0.50 if you are not a premium member, and $0.25 if you are a premium member. If the amount wagered per match is less than $2 the fee goes down to $0.25 for non-premium members and $0.10 for premium members.

If at any time you have questions feel free to tweet @Gamrs_net and we will be glad to help you with any issues. Welcome to the site, we hope you enjoy your stay.